Serpstat integrations:
quick access to your data
Do you use third-party services for data analysis from different sources, visualization, task control and have to switch frequently? Link your Serpstat account with other tools with simple integrations to save your valuable time.

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Integrations with Google products and browser extensions

To have quick access to analytics and to expand your dashboard with SEO and PPC data, use your personal API token and set up Google integrations:

Google Sheets

Through Serpstat Batch Analysis for Google Sheets, get Serpstat report data for keywords, domains and links and analyze it in a convenient format.

Google Data Studio

Visualize Serpstat data across your projects using the connector for Google Data Studio.


Set up regular mailing with reports on rankings, technical errors, backlinks on your project.

Google Chrome

Explore the key metrics of any website or page in a browser with Serpstat Website SEO Checker. A complex express site analysis in one click is also available in other browsers.
Serpstat and other SEO services
Are you using multiple SEO services to get the most complete data? Learn more about the available API integrations that include Serpstat data:
You can search for keywords, export data by domain or individual pages, filter and sort data for easy work in Excel.
Serpstat + SEOTools for Excel
Mass analysis and comparison of sites by key SEO parameters, including Serpstat analytics.
Serpstat + Netpeak Checker
Analysis of search queries by keyword, domain or URL across all databases available in Serpstat, right in the Key Сollector control panel.
Serpstat + Key Collector
Evaluate the quality of web resources for guest posting and press releases on the Collaborator content marketplace using Serpstat metrics: SDR, Referring domains, Unique IP subnets amount, External domains, Search queries quantity at the top of SERP.
Serpstat + Collaborator
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Serpstat and task scheduling and reporting tools
Combine SEO-related processes with your task managers and dashboards to manage all tasks more efficiently. A list of Serpstat integrations and programs that have implemented Serpstat data into their interfaces:
Track project progress and create quick reports based on Serpstat data and the data of other sources. Share results with your team or clients.
Serpstat + Reportz
All the data you need for keyword research, competitor analysis, backlinks in one platform for visualizing and automating KPI reporting.
Serpstat + Oviond
The planning of the working process of your team all the way through, with the introduction of information related to SEO (keywords, domain and individual pages analysis, backlinks of competitors and your own website).
Serpstat + Stackby
Salesforce's cloud-based business intelligence tool provides quick access to competitor research data. Using Serpstat and Datorama integration, you can enrich data from other marketing sources with SEO metrics: organic traffic, visibility, backlink analysis, keywords ranking, and top pages.
Serpstat + Datorama

White Label solution.
How to integrate Serpstat data into your product?

If you have a program or online tool that needs data on search engine rankings, keywords, competitor sites, external links, then Serpstat API is the perfect solution. Send a request to find out the conditions for including Serpstat data in your service.

Contact our technical support in online chat or write an email at
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