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With the dashboard, you can edit existing projects, create new ones, combine them into groups, and view general information about the project.
This is a welcome page in Serpstat after you log in.

If you haven't created your first project yet, you can try common use cases of Serpstat reports or a demo project.

Try common use cases or a demo project while you don't have any project yet

A demo project is a fully set up project shared with you by Serpstat. The shared project allows you to take a peek at Site Audit and Rank Tracker for free, even if you don't have a paid subscription.

The project will be added to your projects list once you click the "Try demo project" button. Explore Serpstat on a ready-made project.

Get AI-based insights about abrupt changes in visibility, traffic, and organic keywords count for your projects. Promptly analyze sudden spikes and drops to amend the SEO strategy.

Monitor such Events in the right menu by clicking your profile picture in the top-right corner.Insights or notifications about SEO anomalies

The notification indicates the date, the domain name, the metric that has abruptly changed, its previous value, and the current dynamic.
Notifications are kept for one month and removed afterward.

To read the notification, click on it. By clicking on the notification, you'll be forwarded to the dynamics graph in the according domain Overview report.
5 notifications are displayed by default. To display all notifications, click "Show all"

Insights will further be available for more metrics. Let us know the metrics you would like to be notified about in our support chat.

To get notified about AI insights, create a project.

Here are several ways to add a domain to your projects list, here are two of them:
While analyzing the site in the "Domain analysis" — "Overview" section, (1) click the "Track domain" button or (2) the star in the search bar. The domain will automatically appear in the "My projects" section.
Add a project to Serpstat

Besides the left sidebar, use the search bar to navigate to reports: enter your query and select where to go.

What you can do with the project control panel:
Control panrl

1) add new projects and also search for them using the name or project ID, via the search bar on the left;
2) manage groups of projects;
3) create checklists;
4) share access to the project;
5) start site audit;
6) set up position tracking for keywords;
7) configure the distribution of reports under the sections "Domain analysis" (Overview), "Backlink analysis", "Site audit" and "Rank tracker" (when you set up reporting for "Domain Analysis" and "Backlink Analysis", the first letter will be sent to the specified mail immediately, the rest according to the schedule):
My projects

Determine whether automatic reports mailing is enabled or disabled by the color of the button with the mailing icon.

If the button is green, the mailing is enabled; if it is blue, it is disabled.
To find out for which modules the mailing is enabled, click on the green mailing icon.

Add up to 5 regions to one Rank tracker mailing list; all updates will be sent in one letter. The mailing schedule has flexible settings: select a specific date or day of the week.

* In the Backlink analysis block you may see a message that "The report is temporarily unavailable." This is due to the fact that the analyzed domain has a large backlink profile, so information for such sites is temporarily unavailable in our service, but it will appear soon.

1. Through the Help Center in the upper right corner, navigate to our Blog, Serpstat updates, Knowledge base, Serpstat Academy, Privacy Policy. 

2. Do research in a theme of your choice — Light, Contrast, or Dark.

Still have questions? Contact the tech support chat.
If you'd like to get advice on Serpstat's features, order your free 30-minute demo.

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