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Are you developing your internet marketing and SEO business and want to generate income from your content? Help your audience and discover the possibilities of the Serpstat Affiliate Program
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The Serpstat Affiliate Program in numbers

Up to 30% commission from the first and subsequent payments
is earned by top affiliate partners
$75 000
receive courses for referring to their students
$17 000
We save cookies for
15 days
to 30%
Who can become a Serpstat partner
Any registered Serpstat user automatically receives an affiliate link that he can use in content for his audience:
Do you represent a digital marketing media, brand media or other content project?
Do you have a blog, a community on social media platforms, a YouTube or telegram channel about Internet marketing and a loyal audience?
Are you an owner or an employee of an SEO, PPC, marketing agency or are you a freelancer and have an extensive network of contacts and clients?
Are you representing a higher education institution or training courses specializing in Internet Marketing, SEO and PPC?
Introduce your readers to Serpstat and make your content even more useful.
Use additional content monetization opportunities.
Recommend our service and get a commission.
Introduce your students to Serpstat's capabilities and use it to train them to solve real SEO tasks

How it works

Join the program
Become a Serpstat Ambassador
Receive bonuses
Have questions about the Serpstat Affiliate Program?
We are ready to answer them :)
Why Serpstat?
Serpstat is a multifunctional SEO platform with more than 30 tools for SEO and PPC professionals, marketing experts and big digital agencies. Why is it easy to promote it?
241 Google search databases
Its own Backlink Index with 1.7 trn backlinks
Multi-user mode for team management
Integration and API access for all pricing plans
Customized pricing plans in case of need
Ready checklists and White label reports for agencies

Benefits of the Serpstat Affiliate Program

A subscription with affiliate bonuses

We provide full onboarding of new users

Great potential: up to 30% commission

We help our partners

Make your content a source of passive income and get commission for engaging new Serpstat users.

The advantage of our program is that we pay bonuses for all the payments from referrals: for the first and all the subsequent prolongations of the subscription.

Weekly payments starting from $50 with no delays guaranteed.
Are you an active user of Serpstat yourself?

If you need it to work with your clients or promote your project, money you make on an affiliate program can be used to buy or extend your subscription to Serpstat.
We will support you at all stages: from getting to know the service to creating promotional materials: individual landing pages, reviews, videos, newsletters and posts.

Not sure what to tell your audience about?

We will provide you with the case studies shared by our clients to illustrate the benefits of Serpstat. We'll be right here to help you make it work!
We have three teams that ll take care of your leads : Support, Sales, Customers Success. As soon as your clients register and pay for a subscription,they'll get a welcome pack: free consultation on using Serpstat, onboarding emails, a knowledge base for the newcomer, articles from our blog with How to Articles and Case Studies on Internet Marketing. And for quick questions please, contact the online chat.

Engage with your audience and make a profit

Publish useful content for your audience, tell them about Serpstat and monetize your content.

FAQ: The most common questions about the Serpstat referral program

Where can I find my affiliate link?
Your affiliate link is in your account: right under the description of your commission you'll find your affiliate link with your unique number after "ref".
What is the right way to attach a referral user to you as a referrer?
To start getting your affiliate commission you need to attach your client in a proper way to you:
1. Your client should click the Serpstat link with your unique affiliate link number at the end.
2. Your client should register as a new user at Serpstat using your affiliate link.
3. After registration your client will see the page "My projects".
4. At this page in the right upper part your client should press the button "Subscribe" 5. The client will see the "Pricing" page open where he'll choose the pricing plan and its duration:

- a client shouldn't delete cache/cookies after he clicks your affiliate link;
- a client shouldn't use browser in Incognito mode;
- a client should create an account and make payment in the same browser that he used while clicking your affiliate link;
- after clicking your affiliate link the client should create a new account, not use the account that was created before.

And again the main condition for you to start getting your referral commission from your client's payments is that your client should create a new account at Serpstat (register at Serpstat for the first time) using your affiliate link with your affiliate number at the end.

How many bonuses will I receive?
For a start, you'll get a 10% commission. Your commission rate depends on the number of first payments that your users make. Step by step, you'll achieve a 30% commission.

  • 10% from 1 to 5 first payments
  • 20% from 6 to 20 first payments
  • 30% from the 21st first payment
The transition to the next level of interest rate occurs automatically.
Where can I see my current commission?
You can find out your current commission rate, check the number of payments and registrations, and the amount on the balance in your partner account.
Can the affiliate commission rate be reduced?
The commission rate can not only increase but also decrease.
Rate decrease could be in case there were no new users via your affiliate link for one year.

For example, your commission rate is 30%. During the last 365 days, there weren't new Serpstat users who bought a tool via your link.
In that case, your commission rate will decrease on one stage, so you'll get a 20% commission rate.

How long are cookies stored?
We store cookies for 15 days: if your reader clicked your affiliate link and paid for the Serpstat pricing plan during this time, you will receive a commission.
How and when will I receive my bonuses?
A withdrawal to PayPal is possible when the account has more than $50. Payment processing can take up to 30 days.

To request the withdrawal of funds, specify the PayPal account and the amount in the partner account.
What is the minimum amount to withdraw affiliate bonuses?
The minimum withdrawal amount is $50. When you do this, each dollar you spend from your affiliate account is worth $1.50 in Serpstat services.
What can I do as an affiliate partner to make it work?
In order to earn money on the affiliate program, you can tell your audience about Serpstat in any way that does not contradict our rules. Promotion options:

  • Content marketing: publishing articles (cases, reviews, comparisons, instructions, etc.) using the platform on your blog or on other thematic resources;
  • SMM: mentioning Serpstat in social media posts;
  • Email marketing: using promotional materials in newsletters.
  • Video reviews: full reviews or mention of Serpstat in video content;
  • Direct referrals: provide promo codes and affiliate links to your direct customers and friends.

Do you provide promotional materials?
We support affiliate partners in the preparation of promotional materials, and also share a database of PR materials for partners:

  • Don't know where to start for presenting Serpstat to the audience? Ask your Affiliate Manager, to pick up a handy option for your content, as well as provide you access to the knowledge base for its preparation.
  • Ask the manager for an individual partner's landing page to illustrate the benefits of Serpstat to your audience and ask for special promo codes to boost engagement.

Can I get a promo code for my audience?
Contact the Affiliate Manager Maria to get additional benefits: discount promo codes or free access to the tool for your audience. Promo codes and landing pages are a full-fledged replacement for an affiliate link, with their help we also track the activity of referrals.
What is a violation of the terms of the affiliate partnership?
There are several rules which will incur a ban of payment of an affiliate commission to you.

  • Buying a Serpstat subscription by following your own affiliate link.
  • Running a PPC campaign for queries that include words Serpstat to advertise your affiliate link.
  • Spamming your affiliate link on forums, communities, social media websites, and in newsletters.
  • Advertising Serpstat's discounts as your own on coupon sites, discount aggregators and other portals that specialize exclusively in discount offers. .
  • Misleading users, by providing false information about the service.
Check out the full list of rules in the partner agreement. In case of violation, the commission will be banned automatically, in case of repeated violations, we will be forced to exclude you from the affiliate program.
I haven't used Serpstat before. How do I know this is a good product?
Let's get acquainted! Leave a request for a free 30-minute consultation on using the service. During a meeting with a manager, you will learn exactly how Serpstat can be useful in your tasks, as well as appreciate the convenience and completeness of the databases.

Today Serpstat is used by 400,000 monthly users. Our clients include major companies such as Samsung, Uber, Lenovo and Philips. You can entrust your audience to us and be sure that they will receive not only a convenient tool, but also excellent support at all stages.
Want to become a Serpstat partner but have questions?
Do you have your own ideas on other ways of cooperation with us? Do you have any questions left? Contact the Affiliate Manager to discuss the terms of cooperation and we'll find the solution that fits you best.
Open support chat

Introducing Serpstat

Find out about the main features of the service in a convenient way for you!

Please send a request, and our specialist will offer you education options: a personal demonstration, a trial period, or materials for self-study and increasing expertise — everything for a comfortable start to work with Serpstat.




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