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Our mission

Our mission is to create a product that increases search marketing specialists' productivity and allows businesses to outpace their competitors for higher profits

Artyom Borodatuyk

Ours is the new way

Serpstat was founded in 2013 as a keyword research tool and has been growing and improving ever since. An in-house software turned into an independent product that is now on its way to become a global leader.

In August of 2016 Serpstat turned into an all-in-one SEO platform, and now it offers 5 essential tools used by professional digital marketers worldwide.

If you are a professional, you are with us.

Oleg Salamaha Team
Artyom Borodatuyk Oleg Salamaha Team

200,000 professionals all over the world already use Serpstat.

We're working hard to become the only tool you'll ever need for SEO and Digital Marketing.

Start making your job easier and more efficient with Serpstat!

Interesting Facts

More than 200,000
active users
Over 5 Billions
keywords in
200 TB+ of disk space
used for storing data
25,000 keywords
updated every minute
Over 30,000 projects
in 5,000 unique regions
per day
10M requests
processed every month

Netpeak Group

Serpstat is a part of Netpeak Group.

Along with Serpstat, there are 7 more companies belonging to Netpeak group:

  • Netpeak – an internet marketing agency.
  • Inweb – an internet marketing agency.
  • Ringostat – a Saas company.
  • Netpeak Software – a company developing Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker tools.
  • Octopus Events – business conferences organizer, including such well-known conferences as 8p, Online Advertising, and Saas Nation.
  • AcademyOcean – a Saas company.
  • Tonti Laguna – a company focusing on content projects which are covered under the NDA.

All the Netpeak Group companies share common values and a mission of ‘moving from the third world to the first world, not changing the geographical location.’

Our Investors

Netpeak Group

Netpeak Group

Serpstat started as a program for an in-house use within Netpeak digital marketing agency.

By 2015, Serpstat has grown significantly, which allowed us to become a product used outside of the agency.

While proudly being a subsidiary of Netpeak Group, – Serpstat is an independent SaaS.

Digital Future

Digital Future

2015 was also the year when Digital Future Venture Fund recognized our potential and invested in the product. Digital Future bought 15% of Serpstat’s shares which opened new opportunities for expansion.

The Investment money was used to start Serpstat’s global expansion and add new features to its clip.

Digital Future

Join the Team

People behind Serpstat

Our Founders

Oleg Salamaha Creator, Founder and VP of Product.

Oleg is the one who came up with the idea and turned it into a product.

"Digital marketing Professionals are our target audience. People who provide SEO and PPC services or people who work for agencies providing these services.

Every day these people perform tasks that are made easier with Serpstat – analyzing competitors, finding keywords and working with large amounts of data in general.”

Artem Borodatyuk CEO, Mentor, Co-founder

Artem took a good product and turned it into what it is now – the best service for SEO and PPC specialists.

“Why did I join Serpstat? It just feels right, to improve what can be improved by investing my time and knowledge. We made a product that easily competes with the market leaders on a global scale.

Our plans for the nearest future is refining Serpstat to the point where it becomes perfect, and then improving it some more.”

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