Yay, you have joined the referral program at Serpstat, which means you trust us and use our service! This page contains helpful tips and sample content to help you spread the word about Serpstat and attract new users

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Effective start of the

You have several options on how to tell about Serpstat with an article to attract new users to the service and earn referral bonuses. You can mention us in one of the articles in your personal or agency blog, as well as in your publications on external resources. Use the referral link if it is not prohibited by the site rules :)

Publish an article in your blog

There are many options for using the service data in your research, and if in doubt, we will tell you the topic and help you collect data :)
Publish your SEO research using Serpstat data
You can compare the capabilities of the service as a whole, or focus on one particular tool. Most importantly, write down why you think Serpstat is worthy of your readers' attention
Compare the capabilities of Serpstat with other tools
erpstat brings together over 30 tools for site analysis, semantics, links, site validation and rank tracking. You will definitely find a topic for an article that will be of interest to your audience
Make a full review of a service or a separate platform tool on your blog pages
For example, in a selection of the best SEO tools or services for competitors analysis. There are many options :)
Add a mention of Serpstat to your listing article
Explain to the readers how exactly Serpstat will help them in such tasks. For example, in this article, the author shows the useful functionality of Serpstat in competitors analysis
Are you publishing an article about some aspect of promotion?
You don't know which article to prepare or you have already tried different formats? Here are some ideas to help diversify your affiliate content plan:

The best examples from our partners

The article should contain up-to-date information about Serpstat, which would demonstrate the capabilities of the service to solve the issues of your readers. Use our editorial guidelines to make your article useful and reader-friendly
It is necessary to add at least one mention of Serpstat in the form of a link and your referral number at the end, for example: https://serpstat.com/en/?ref=12 345
where 12 345 is your referral number, which you can find in your personal account

How to arrange the article correctly?

To share the benefits of Serpstat for your readers, you can publish a landing page with a detailed description of the functionality and a proposal for your audience

Publish a Promotional Landing Page on Your Site

No problem, the referral program manager will help you prepare a beautiful and informative landing page for your audience
No experience in creating such pages?
If your strong point is video, and especially if you have your own YouTube channel, you can make a video about us. There are also a lot of video content formats, here are some examples for inspiration:

Record a video or mention us during your webinar

Some Video Tips

Before filming a video, make sure you have all the information you need for the video and it is up-to-date. Take a look at our blog, Knowledge Base, ask questions to technical support or ask the referral program manager to select materials for you
Before uploading, work on the description so that the video will rank and be as useful to your audience as possible:
— A title that captures the essence and benefits of the video
— Links to useful materials on the topic: links to articles, additional videos
— Detailed timeline for the convenience of users
— Link to Serpstat so users can jump straight to the platform test
Write to the referral program manager
Have an idea for a joint webinar with Serpstat?
useful links
link to Serpstat
detailed timeline
correct name
A complete overview of Serpstat functionality
Tell us about your favorite tools and how you use them to solve your problems
We are always happy when our users tell us about their experience of interaction with a product, support team, Customer Success or an affiliate program
Feedback on the use of the service or referral program
The results speak for themselves, so showcase your progress in promoting and mention what tools you used and how
Case study using your niche as an example
choose one of the modules or tools and show its value to the audience using your niche as an example
Detailed review of a specific Serpstat tool

Share Serpstat Content on Social Media and the Newsletter

You also have plenty of opportunities to share your opinion about Serpstat or useful content from our blog on social media or through your mailing list
Blog or comment on our research or other material. By the way, we are happy to add detailed comments on the topic to articles. If you want to become an expert on the Serpstat blog, check this article
Have an interesting case study using Serpstat? Make it a post with an illustration of the result and your comments. And if you send us a link, then we will publish it in the blog under the heading "Cases"
Tell us about the promotions and special offers of the service. The referral manager will inform you about the start of the promo campaign and share materials
special discount on the purchase of Serpstat
Are you preparing for a conference or webinar? Contact the manager of the referral program, we will help you find relevant materials about Serpstat and give you a special promotional code for your audience:

Mention a service at a conference

free test access to Serpstat

Incorporate Serpstat Into Your Course And Tell Students About Us

With the materials published by Serpstat, you can teach students practical skills:
Share Serpstat blog articles with students that will help them dive deeper into SEO, PPC and marketing
Use our library of useful videos on our YouTube channel to diversify your course information
How To Group Keywords Automatically With The Serpstat "Clustering" Tool
How to analyze a list of domains in the Serpstat interface: websites SEO analysis
Build your course within our Academy or integrate ready-made Serpstat courses into your educational process
The platform also offers a base of useful resources for SEO newbies if you are teaching some of your clients or their SEO team
Do you have clients who would use Serpstat for self-promotion, contractor supervision, or for your project work? We will be glad to have a recommendation!

Recommend to your clients

If you need more information on how exactly Serpstat functionality will help you optimize your SEO tasks and improve the business performance of your project, leave a request for a free 30-minute consultation

Learn more about Serpstat If you

Contact the referral program manager and she will help you prepare PR materials for a successful partnership with Serpstat

Any questions?

Open support chat

Introducing Serpstat

Find out about the main features of the service in a convenient way for you!

Please send a request, and our specialist will offer you education options: a personal demonstration, a trial period, or materials for self-study and increasing expertise — everything for a comfortable start to work with Serpstat.




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