At Serpstat, we dream that future marketers, SEO and PPC specialists will be trained using professional tools that they can apply in their work even at the beginning of their careers. Get access to a platform with 50 tools and a theoretical base for teaching students of your course absolutely for free.
Serpstat Support Program
Serpstat Support Program for Educational Centers
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Integrate Serpstat into your courses and prepare your students for the real world
The best way to consolidate knowledge is to put it into practice. Prepare your students for the real tasks they will undertake during their work. Design your course the way your students will have a chance to solve practical problems using Serpstat data and tools.
Find technical errors using an audit and fix them using a real project as an example together with your students.
Use the rank tracking, visibility dynamics, traffic and keywords to show how to track project results.
Teach them how to conduct all stages of SEO-analysis of competitors: analysis of visibility, traffic, semantics, site structure and backlinks in order to choose the best strategies for your project.
Introduce students to the Keyword Clustering Tool and explain how to automate routine SEO tasks.
Analysis tool to demonstrate how a link builder should work: from analyzing a competitor's link profile to selecting high-quality inbound link donors for your site.
Teach students to collect a semantic core for website promotion in any region of the world using 241 search analytics databases.
Teach them to evaluate a competitor's budget and the results of their campaigns.
Show how to find and analyze your competitors' landing pages and ad texts.
Compare several top competitors in PPC at a time to define common and unique approaches.
Tell about competitor analysis in paid search by relevant requests and separate domains.
Show students how to find the best performing keywords for their ads.
Build a content strategy along with your students using the best practices of competitors and teach them on how to provide for a non-stop flow of conten for any project.
Show examples on how to improve already published articles to beat competitors in the SERP.
Teach students to optimize articles, headlines, meta tags using competitor analysis and LSI keys.
Explain to students which of competitors' content attracts the audience: show them traffic pages, leaders as per social media shares and inbound links, and show examples.
Content Marketing
What we offer
By becoming our educational partner, you get free access to Serpstat data and more than 50 tools for teachers and students. The educational manager will help you prepare the course and provide you with a learning base of materials for training: a blog, Serpstat Academy, a User Knowledge Base and a video library.
Special conditions for purchase Serpstat subscriptions
Personal Assistance
Learning resources and communities
Affiliate payments
Media support
Student and lecturer accounts
We give free access to all the students for a period necessary for studies based on the Serpstat platform (from 3 to 28 days).
Educational partners gain access to Serpstat learning materials: video tool reviews, helpful videos on SEO topics, the User Knowledge Base, Serpstat Academy, and blog articles. Join our user communities at Facebook to discuss all the nuances of working with the service and general digital marketing-related questions.
Each student automatically becomes a referral and brings the educational center up to 30% profit with every first payment according to our affiliate program.
Any lecturers and students of our partners have a chance to buy a Serpstat subscription on special conditions.
We will help every lecturer of the educational center compile the course and learn the platform better.
We promote Serpstat partners and their training programs in our media channels: social networks and on our educational program page, and involve them in our content special projects.
Join the program and help students gain tool skills that will enhance their career chances
Who can become a Serpstat educational partner
Any educational institution (courses, schools, universities, etc.), that Internet marketing and related topics: SEO, PPC, SMM, content marketing can become our partner.
"Serpstat provides a great chance for our trainees to get free access to a multi-functional SEO platform and study on its basis. It is a must-learn tool for my students when it comes to analysis and semantic collection of a site, category or some definite intent. During our Fundamentals SEO Course we widely use such modules as Website Analysis, Keyword Research и Backlinks Analysis. When I train our SEO Advance students they learn how to apply automation and API Serpstat. Serpstat helps to solve SEO tasks of various difficulty and will be useful for specialists of any level."
Gennadiy Vorobyov, Author and Lecturer of the Software University


Serpstat is a platform I use to help teach my content creation students about SEO. It's simple to use and great for teaching the power of search engine optimization and search engine results pages, as well as the effectiveness of content for companies that want to reach potential customers.
Serpstat helps students better understand SEO and, most importantly, helps them build necessary skills that are applicable to real-world situations.


Justin da Rosa, a Lecturer from York University
How to become a partner?
Explore the terms of an educational partnership with Serpstat
In the commentary, indicate details about the educational center: course duration, program, number of students.
The educational manager will review the application and contact you to discuss the use of Serpstat data and knowledge base in your course.
FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the Serpstat educational program
How to become a partner of the Serpstat educational program?
To join the Serpstat educational program, follow the algorithm:

  1. Read the rules of the program;
  2. Fill out the form for participation in the program;
  3. The educational manager will contact you to discuss the terms and conditions.
How are partners selected?
Within a few days after sending the letter to the manager of the educational program, you will receive a letter with the answer about whether we are ready for partnership. The decision about cooperation depends on many factors, including:

- the level of the educational center;
- website design of the center;
- the quality of educational content;
- number of students;
- duration of the course.

We reserve the right not to comment on our decision.
What are my responsibilities as a partner?
- Tell students honestly about the benefits and capabilities of Serpstat.
- Inform students about the possibility of purchasing a subscription on special terms.
- Request promo codes for free access to the tool in time (3-5 days before the start of the course).
Can a partnership be turned down or canceled?
Yes, if the educational center does not meet our selection criteria, we will turn down the partnership.
Why can Serpstat stop cooperating with educational centers?
We can cancel the partnership in two cases:

- If the partnership stops being profitable and promising for us;
- If a partner deceives us: uses access not for its intended purpose, provides inaccurate information, etc. More details are in the Affiliate Agreement.
What is prohibited to do during the partnership with Serpstat?
  1. Distribute student promo codes to third parties who are not course students.
  2. Spamming with student promotional codes on forums, communities and social networks.
  3. Activate a student promo code by one student more than once.
  4. Sell promo codes and access.
Join the Serpstat Educational Program today
All the resources and access to the Serpstat Educational Program are completely free, use them and expand the benefits of your courses. Let's transform together the quality of online marketing education!
Serpstat Affiliate Program for Educational Centers
Fill in the form to become a partner of the Serpstat Educational Program. Within a few days, a manager will contact you and tell you about the conditions of the educational program.
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