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How to Find the Best SEO Agency: Rating from Serpstat

How to Find the Best SEO Agency: Rating from Serpstat
Kateryna Hordiienko
Kateryna Hordiienko
Research Editor at Serpstat

Are you an SEO newbie seeking to hire skilled experts to improve your business? Or maybe your agency has been at SEO for a long time and wants to meet new opportunities? You may be a new SEO business and are fearless in competing with others. In any case, you need to check out this post. Serpstat launches an SEO agency rating service! We are looking for companies constantly improving this area who can share remarkable cases in their business lines.

Key Criteria for Selecting the SEO Agency

What criteria do you think an ideal agency should meet? According to reputable experts, an excellent agency should have several characteristics for SEO specialists to deliver results:

1.At most, 2-3 projects per SEO specialist.
2.Clear specialization in terms of industry and geography.
3.Specific team structure for each project. There should be a team lead with a minimum of 30 hours per project, a middle specialist handling the main work, and a junior specialist responsible for routine tasks.

Our SEO agency rating will help you to assess a few valuable points from above. Here, we guide you in selecting the most effective SEO agency by evaluating characteristics such as geolocation, feedback, expertise, and more. Now, the rating contains the top search engine optimization companies in the United States (New York and Los Angeles), but the list of locations will be expanded to other regions.

SEO agency rating

The search feature lets you find the perfect match for your SEO needs. It's quick and easy, helping you streamline your search process with categories.

Why are We Doing this SEO Rating?

But why are we doing this SEO Rating, you may wonder? Well, there are several compelling reasons behind it:

1.Discovering SEO Innovators: We're passionate about staying at the forefront of the SEO field. This rating allows us to hear about new names and innovations in SEO, connecting us with individuals and companies making breakthroughs daily.
2.Setting industry standards: We aim to influence the entire SEO sphere positively. We're on a mission to identify and celebrate leaders who can set the benchmark for excellence, encouraging others to reach higher and do better.
3.Matching businesses with experts: Our rating serves as a valuable resource for business owners seeking SEO experts for international projects. It's your go-to platform for connecting with the perfect SEO agency explicitly tailored to meet your project's unique needs.
4.Empowering participants: Last but not least, our SEO Rating benefits those who actively participate in it. We've meticulously categorized SEO companies based on their primary specializations, including E-commerce, technical, and link building. We've also identified enterprise and B2B agencies. By participating, you gain exposure and contribute to the growth and development of the SEO industry.

How to Become a Participant?

Are you an SEO agency looking to showcase your expertise? Request adding of your agency in the form on the “Contact Us” page. Fill it out right now and call your colleagues :)

Add your agency to our rating and gain exposure to potential clients.

Additionally, supercharge your agency's performance with a 7-day trial of Serpstat tools!

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How to Choose the Best SEO Agency?

Evaluate potential SEO agencies based on critical factors:

1.Geolocation: Consider agencies that understand your local market.
2.Expertise: Assess their experience in your industry.
3.Pricing: Ensure their rates align with your budget.
4.Spheres of occupation: Without specialization, there can be no rapid development. If a team simultaneously promotes a gambling project, an online store, and a startup, the team lead has to work in too many different directions. Match the specialties of the agency with your needs.
Gabriella Sannino
Gabriella Sannino

Level343: An International Marketing & SEO Company

The number one thing I always tell my team is to have the project definition and scope identification: Clearly defining the project's purpose, objectives, deliverables, and scope. This involves understanding the project's goals and what needs to be achieved.

Next would be the feasibility study. The most important is the stakeholder identification and analysis. I always have a leader for every new client or project. Therefore, we need to know who will partake in this project and what their roles will be. There's so much more involved... but ultimately, we create a timeline for the project. We outline key milestones and deliverables. This helps keep everyone on the same page.

In summary, choosing the best SEO agency involves precision and careful consideration. Define your goals, rely on real-world insights, and prioritize value over price. Remember, the right choice can catalyze your success in the digital landscape!

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